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Dive Organizer - Release Notes
Posted by Gianluca Tedone, Last modified by Gianluca Tedone on 16 May 2018 03:16 PM


Application Version: 2.22
Date: May 16th, 2018
Supported Operating Systems
Rights requirements: the setup requires Administrator rights.


New Features

New. Added the support for Icon with new compass hardware (Ser.No. greater than 23610 or Mechanical version 130 onwards).
NOTES. To reprogram is needed a new ENC package, to be used with Dive Organizer 2.22 onwards.New. Added the support for Quad Air computer.
New. Added the support for the Quad computers that are equipped with a larger flash size (1MB).


ENH. Improved the visibility of some installer text.
Enh. Added Digital Signature, helping to solve a false error of some antiviruses program, even with the Windows SmartScreen.
Enh. Streamlined the serial number format when registering a new computer.

Resolved issues

FIX. Some resources was exchanged between Catalan and Spanish texts.
FIX. Issues parsing the correct logbook version with some Smart Apnea (which can leads to a "Incompatible Logbook" error message).
FIX. Wrong recognition of Smart Apnea Mod. 5 in BL status ("Boot").
FIX. Missing pictures and animation in connection wizard for Quad and Quad Air computers.
FIX. Missing data when sending feedback for developers (upon user agreement).
Fix. Fixed some issues about the Icon Driver setup.
Fix. Issues parsing some variant of Smart computers.
Fix. Issues downloading from computers supporting Iris interface (such as Nemo Excel).
Fix. Issues downloading from a legacy computer.
Fix. Fixed some issues reprogramming the Smart.
Fix. Issues downloading from an Icon's empty logbook.
Fix. Status bar misses to update the registration info downloading a computer for the first time.
Fix. Issues downloading from computers different than Quad.Fix. Fixed occasional samples retrieval with Quad computers.
Fix. Set wrong visibility for Deco/No Deco controls even with BT dives.
Fix. Issues with gas mix values in case of Air dive mode (observed on Quad computers).
Fix. At the end of firmware update, the clock setting occasionally fails (observed on Quad computers with the latest firmwares).
Fix. Issues with tank unit of measures and consumption calculation on legacy computers.
Fix. Issues with Bottom Timer dives and Quad computer.
Fix. Reverting the database when a parsing error occurs.

Detailed Change Log

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