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Dive Organizer - Release Notes
Posted by Gianluca Tedone, Last modified by Gianluca Tedone on 14 March 2019 01:45 PM


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Supported Operating Systems
Rights requirements: the setup requires Administrator rights.

Latest changes

New Features

New. "Computer info" form: diver's photo can be uploaded to Genius computers.


ENH. Improvements on device identification.
ENH. Synchronized Upload User Info to Genius on picture and ICE text successfully updated.
Enh. Reduced the false-positives in anti-virus systems using an improved digital signing certificate.
Enh. Improvements on issues report feature.
Enh. Computer name editable also from "Computer|Info/ICE" form.
Enh. "Computer info" form improved: added a button to fast add the diver's info.
Enh. Now also PNG files could be used as user picture.
Enh. "Database|Diver" form: improved the dialog logic when saving or canceling modified info.
Enh. Added an automatic registration for new computers: the name will be auto-generated (could be changed in "Database | Computer" form).

Resolved issues

FIX. Some issues reprogramming Genius hanged in Bootloader.
FIX. Sometimes Icon Net Ready cannot be updated due to a "Not supported ENC" error.
FIX. Some issues validating text in "Computer | Information/ICE".
FIX. Sometimes cannot remove latest char in ICE text.
FIX. Issues when uploading user info onto Genius when ICE text is empty.
FIX. Avoided some false-positives with Genius and Icon computers and the connection is not stable.
FIX. Synchronized the maximum lines amongst ICE text box and Genius' display.
Fix. Some issues with new line chars in the ICE text (observed on Genius computers).
Fix. Some issues importing dives from Nemo Excel.
Fix. Missing clock adjust at reprogramming end or resetting max depth using Puck and Nemo computers (with a 'device non ready' error).
Fix. Some issues setting the clock on Puck Pro at reprogramming end.

Known issues

Some terms within Dive Organizer have not yet been translated (translation to be completed soon).

Detailed Change Log

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