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Earlier computer models (like Nemo, Nemo Excel, Nemo Wide prior to 2013, Puck) can give slightly different results on a given profile than Dive Organizer. For one they use a simplified implementation of the algorithm, and in addition they log the data every 20s only while they calculate the deco itself every 5s. In light of this, difference in total ascent time of up to two minutes can occur, but this doesn’t imply that either is wrong, the two decompression calculations are simply carried out in different ways and thus give different results.

This paper outlines models and algorithms in general, and then discusses gradient factors in further detail.


Bluetooth communication with Mares Dive Computers uses the Mares Bluelink® protocol based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, also known as BLE.

Some computers have full-support for BLE, and others are BLE-ready.

Computers with a fully supported, integrated Bluetooth module inside, can be activated by a menu option.

Mares computers with full-support for BLE

  • Genius

BLE-ready computers needs to be connected to a Mares Bluelink Pro® dongle, activated by selecting the "PC/ready" mode on the computer.

Mares computers which are BLE-ready

  • Puck Pro
  • Smart / Smart Apnea / Smart Air
  • Quad / Quad Air

Focus on tissue saturation graph with quantification of ongassing and offgassing gradients and representation of supersaturation with respect to safe ascent criterion.


If you purchase a product from an official Mares dealer it is covered by a 2-year guarantee. This guarantee does not cover improper use of the product.

If you experience any problems with the product, please take it to an authorized Mares dealer with proof of purchase. The retailer will contact Mares to assess and resolve the problem.
For a list of authorized Mares dealers see here.

For more details regarding the Mares warranty see here.

Install these drivers to support Matrix, Drak, Iris, Puck Pro and Dive Link USB interfaces on your PC.

For Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit).

Download Link

Version: 6.7.4 (on XP and Vista will be installed the v6.7)

NOTE. Dive Organizer Setup will install the drivers automatically.

NOTE. This installer removes the previous driver version automatically.

Other resources

  • Official Silicon Labs. driver download page.

Sometimes the synchronization between Dive Organizer and iDiversDiary could be affected by an issue with port communication.

Taking a look at this KB on Apple site

It follows that the network firewall must be configurated to allow the traffic through the following ports:

1900 UDP
5350 UDP
5351 UDP
5353 UDP

Please refer to the manual of your router/firewall or an helpdesk service to help you to add the more suitable rules.


Other useful articles:

How to troubleshoot sync activities

Install these driver to support Icon and Genius computers on your PC.

Supported by Windows XP, S2K3, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Download Link:


NOTE. Dive Organizer Setup will install the drivers automatically.

NOTE. This installer removes the previous driver version automatically.

To download software updates, manuals, catalogues, dive maps and product details see here.

The Dive Computers supported by Dive Organizer are:

  • Icon HD and Icon HD Net Ready
  • Matrix
  • Nemo Wide, Nemo Air and Nemo Wide 2
  • Puck and Puck Pro
  • Nemo, Nemo Apneist and Nemo Excel computers through IRIS USB interface

  • Smart
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