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Dive Organizer - Release Notes
Posted by Gianluca Tedone, Last modified by Support Supervisor on 12 May 2021 09:36 AM

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Latest changes

New Features

New. Introduced the Alternate GF support for the incoming firmware of Genius computer.
New. Showing SCR alarms for Horizon in dive chart and in the various export formats.


Enh. Cosmetic improvements.
Enh. A more friendly message in case of error during logbook parsing.
Enh. Diagnostics improvements (feedback for developers).
Enh. Registered also firmware date in computer record.
Enh. Now PDF export fits depth profile in the same way as in Dive Chart control.
Enh. A better arrangement on Computer Display user control.
Enh. Shown a full scale value for high gas consumption.
Enh. Added more info in CSV export.
Enh. Computer programmer now accepts ZIP files too.
Enh. Including build date when comparing firmware versions.
Enh. Improved the efficiency of the connection processes.
Enh. A more fine control on record version parsing (permits more retro-compatibility on logbook schema).

Resolved issues

Fix. Sometimes GF settings aren't correctly shown browsing between dives.
Fix. Wrong Multiday values mapping.
Fix. Wrong indication of some GF settings in CSV and PDF export.
Fix. Missing new line on PDF for more than one gas.
Fix. Statistical data correction for the shortest dives (e.g. Max. and Avg. depth, consumptions, etc.).
Fix. Issues with consumpion calculations when dive is not long enough to be registered with a valid dive time.
Fix. Issues switching from Mass Storage to PC mode (computers with maps upload capabilities).
Fix. The count of the dives that cannot be analyzed now takes into account the dives already present in the DB (e.g. when a record version is not supported).
Fix. Sometimes firmware version is not registered.
Fix. Dive chart is now print at normal size on PDFs.
Fix. Menu items are now painted at normal size.
Fix. Avoid to check build date when comparing ENCs (Stable vs Test versions).
Fix. Fixed some false positives when changing run mode (observed reprogramming Nemo Wide 2).
Fix. Some connection issues when firmware update finishes.
Fix. Some issues trying to reconnect a computer to Dive Link or Drak.
Fix. Missing to handle some exceptions when asking for Device Info and the PC/Ready mode has timed-out.

Detailed Change Log

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