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Do I still need to set up the COM Port with IRIS USB and IRIS 2.x ?
Posted by Support Manager, Last modified by Gianluca Tedone on 09 October 2012 07:08 AM
Yes, your IRIS USB interface if visible from IRIS 2.x as a COM device so you need to set the correct COM port in the IRIS settings to download data from your Dive Computer.

When you plug for the first time your IRIS USB in a USB port, a COM port is assigned to IRIS USB device.

You can check the assigned COM port following this steps:

1) "Right-click" on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop, select "Properties" from the drop-down menu. The "System Properties" dialog box will be displayed.
2) Click on the "hardware" tab near the top of the properties window. Once the properties tab is selected, click on the "Device Manager" button. The device manager will open.
3) Expand the "Ports (COM & LPT)" option. You will see this element:

CP201x USB to UART Bridge Controller (COMx)

where COMx is your current COM port (for example COM3 or COM4).

4) Optionally you can change the assigned COM port to the IRIS USB. Note that, in most cases, the COM port that is automatically assigned by windows will work perfectly well, and there will be no reason to change the COM port. Do not change the COM port if there is not a compelling reason.
If you want to change the port number follow this steps:

4.a) Right-click on the "CP201x USB to UART Bridge Controller" display line and then select "Properties" from the menu.
4.b) Once the properties dialog is displayed, click on the "Port Settngs" tab. On the port settings tab, click on the "Advanced . . .".
4.c) The advanced settings dialog will be shown. Click on the arrow of the "Com Port Number" drop-down".
4.d) Now you can select the new COM port number that you wish to use. Once the new COM port is chosen click on the "OK" button to apply the changes and close the advanced settings dialog.
4.e) Click on the "OK" button of the properties dialog. The device manager will still be shown, but it may not have updated to show the new COM port assignment. Choose "Action", "Scan for hardware changes" from the device manager's menu to force an immediate update.

Now the device manager will show the updated COM port. Once you have verified that the COM port is assigned as you would like, you can close the device manager.

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