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Tank Module - Pairing process and other notes
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Pairing process

  • Mount the tank module onto a first stage regulator, which in turn is on a tank filled to at least 30bar / 500psi.
  • Open the tank valve to pressurize the tank module. From this moment, you have 2 minutes to complete the pairing procedure (if you fail to pair the devices successfully within this time frame, you will have to depressurize the system and wait for three minutes before trying again).
  • Place the wrist unit 10-15cm / 4-6 inches from the tank module, with the top of the display parallel to the tank module. Start the pairing procedure on the wrist unit, but make sure that other transmitters, if present, are at least 3 meters / 10ft away from the wrist unit.
  • If you have not been able to successfully complete the pairing procedure within 2 minutes, you will have to close the tank valve, depressurize completely the first stage, then wait for three minutes before repeating the process from the beginning.

If you have followed the procedure correctly but without being able to successfully pair the two devices, perform a Factory reset (see Knowledge Base article What is the "factory reset" in Icon HD for?)  and repeat the procedure.

If you don’t succeed read also the Knowledge Base article Tank module: interruption of signals, difficulty in pairing with ...

Other notes

  • If you dive with only one gas, pairthe tank module to channel G1
  • Once paired, you don’t have to ever repeat the procedure for future dives
  • Multigas diving with more than one transmitter:
    • Pair the tank module used on your tank with the lowest oxygen concentration to G1 following the procedure described above.
    • Move this tank module to a distance of at least 3 meters / 10ft from Icon
    • Pair the tank module used on your tank with the next highest oxygen concentration to G2 following the procedure described above.
    • If applicable, repeat the steps for G3 and the tank with the highest oxygen concentration.
    • Once paired, when both or all three transmitters are pressurized and within 1.5m from Icon, you will be able to see the tank pressure related to each tank module.  To do so put Icon into pre-dive mode then press and hold the third button from the left.
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