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Issues when charging Icon HD and Icon HD Net Ready
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If you are noticing extremely long charge times, shorter than expected battery life (see here for a KB article on Icon HDs battery life) or failure of Icon HD to respond to a charge process, try the following sequence top to bottom.

-          Always ensure that the contacts on Icon are clean and free of any oxidation, subsequently ensure visually that the metal prongs on the clip are correctly mated to the recesses on Icon HD. If a layer of foreign material appears to be covering the contacts, clean the contacts by leaving a drop of vinegar on the contacts themselves for a few minutes and then wiping it off with a clean rag. If the layer should persist, use a small screwdriver or pin to gently scratch the foreign material off.

-          Verify that all 4 prongs on the interface clip are present.

-          Try to use a different USB cable and/or a different wall adapter. In case this also fails it could be the clip itself. If possible, borrow a clip from a friend or your Mares dealer to see if this solve the problem.

-          NOTE: If the battery in Icon HD or Icon HD Net Ready is completely flat at the time of connection to a power source, it can take more than 10 minutes before Icon gives a sign of life. This is normal and indeed happens also on most if not all Smartphones. If after 10 minutes Icon has not come to life, disconnect the clip and reconnect it, always confirming visually that the clip is positioned so that the metal prongs on the clip are mated to the metal recesses on Icon and then wait at least 10 minutes.

-          NOTE: When starting from a very low battery, leave Icon attached to the charger for a minimum of 8 hours, since the battery capacity estimator is not 100% reliable when starting from high level of discharge (meaning that it could show a charge of 100% when in reality the battery has only charged to 70%). This is not an error in Icon HD, it is simply the way a battery responds to charging from a high level of discharge. Note that there is no damage to the battery if it is left completely discharged for some time and the reliability of the charge estimator is recovered within a few charging cycles.

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