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Computer Firmware Update Instructions
Posted by Support Supervisor, Last modified by Gianluca Tedone on 01 October 2020 01:13 PM

  • To install the firmware you must first download Dive Organizer for PC or Divers Diary for Mac from the Mares website's 'Download' section.

  • Next, download the firmware from the Mares website and save the file to your desktop (you may need to unzip the file to obtain an ENC file).

  • Open the Dive Organizer/Divers Diary Program.

  • Connect the Icon HD to the PC/Mac.

  • Ensure proper connection (i.e. the Icon screen should display a battery charging indicator along with a USB symbol; other computers should be put in PC/Ready Link mode, except for the Matrix which goes in to this mode automatically when the USB is connected to its adapter).

  • Select the computer tab at the top of the screen.

  • Choose 'Update Firmware'.

  • Now locate and select the ENC file you downloaded from the Mares website (A Mac will begin the firmware update process immediately).


See here fore some useful screenshots related to the update process on a PC:

 1-New Computer.png (183.01 KB)
 2-Select.png (155.05 KB)
 3-Firmware Update.png (156.72 KB)
 4-Open ENC.png (181.92 KB)
 5-Play.png (158.90 KB)
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