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How to download dives from the Icon computer
Posted by Support Supervisor, Last modified by Gianluca Tedone on 03 February 2021 10:58 AM

To download dives from the Icon HD please see below:

  • You must first download Dive Organizer for your PC or Diver's Diary for your Mac from the Mares website's 'Download' section.

  • Open the Dive Organizer/Divers Diary program.

  • Connect the Icon HD to the PC/Mac.

  • Ensure proper connection (the Icon screen should display a battery charging indicator along with a USB symbol).

  • The Icon HD must have this image on the screen when connected to a PC/Mac for the logbook/data to transfer.

  • Select the computer tab at the top of the screen and you will also see a drop down menu.

  • Select 'Download Logbook'. You may be prompted by a popup to name your computer e.g. 'Jean's Icon' or anything you prefer will work.

  • After that, another popup should appear with 'Download Logbook' status indicated by a green bar that will travel from left to right.

  • Once the download is complete you may choose to 'Download Selected Dives' or 'Download All' from the bottom right.
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