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How to use the Horizon dual scrubber?
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For a full explanation of the concept, usage, and limitation of the Horizon scrubber, see latest version of the Manual!

The HORIZON uses a unique system of two scrubbers in series: each contains approx. 1 kg absorbent, both scrubbers are connected by a channel between the two cannister housings.

The system of double serial scrubbers will improve the absorbent material use, if and only if, the right changing procedure is followed.

Start with two new fresh scrubber cassettes. Number one is placed in the upper scrubber cavity, number two below in the lower scrubber cavity . There are printed numbers on the cassettes to avoid mistakes. Also the top marker is to be used to indicated witch scrubber is in the top position.

Horizon Dual Scrubber

After a prescribed total amount of accumulated dive time, scrubber number one is removed from the top cannister housing and emptied. Scrubber number two is placed in the top cannister housing and the fresh number one scrubber is placed in the bottom cannister housing. And so the cycle goes on…

Its is obvious that after exceeding the maximum prescribed time both scrubbers have to be emptied and refilled with fresh absorbent material. As temperature has a major effect on scrubber efficiency, it is clear that when diving in cold conditions, the scrubber has to be refilled much sooner.


Scrubber times:

For normal dive conditions, with a normal workload, using Sofnolime 797.

If water temperature < 15 °C

Before the max accumulated dive time reaches 3hours: Refill both scrubbers, NO cycling

If water temperature >= 15°C

Before the max accumulated dive time reaches 3hours: Refill top scrubber and apply cycle procedure.

If accidentally the 3 hours dive time was exceeded, both scrubbers must be refilled, ALWAYS!



Important remark:

The above values are for relaxed diving. In case of high exertion rates, refer to the time values as written in the HORIZON manual under limits of use.

 How to use the HORIZON dual scrubber.pdf (94.75 KB)

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