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ICE - The In Case of Emergency info on Mares computers
Posted by Support Supervisor, Last modified by Gianluca Tedone on 03 February 2021 11:16 AM
  • You will first need to download Dive Organizer to your PC (take a look at the official Mares website).

  • After the DO program has been downloaded and opened you will need to connect the charged computer (e.g. Icon and Genius must be charged by at least 25% to communicate with the PC) to your PC via the supplied USB cable and interface clip.

  • To verify that a secure connection has been established, the Icon and the Genius screen should display a USB symbol on its screen, above the battery percentage; the Matrix should display a 'Connection message' and a blinking battery symbol.

  • This confirms a secure connection and that data can be transferred between the PC and the DO program.

  • Once connected, simply select the 'Computer' tab at the top of the DO program. This specific 'Computer' tab is next to the 'Database' tab.

  • At this point, if everything is connected, the drop down menu from the 'Computer' tab should have all options highlighted in black which you will be able to select.

  • In this particular case you should select 'ICE', 'In Case of Emergency'.

  • Next a pop up will appear where you can input your information. Please remember you are limited to a number of characters.

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