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Rechargeable batteries - Recommendations and technical information
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Rechargeable batteries that are left unused over long periods of time can reach a status of severe discharge. This in turn can lead to a reduction in performance, both in that they may charge with difficulty and also that they won’t charge to full capacity.

To prevent this, the user should:

  • Charge the computer completely before putting it away
  • Charge it once a month even if it is not being used
  • Store the computer at temperatures above 15°C/60°F
  • If the storage period is planned to exceed three months, we suggest to charge the computer completely and then to remove the battery. Note. This should be performed at an authorized Mares Lab service center ( )

Charging procedure

When charging the computer after a long period of storage, the computer may not show a sign of life for up to 20 minutes after being connected to a charger. It could be beneficial to clean the contacts before starting the process (for instance by putting a few drops of vinegar onto the contacts, let the vinegar sit for a few minutes, then rinse it off with fresh water and maybe use a needle or a small drill bit to gently scrape off any dirt from the surface of the contacts). If after an hour of connection the computer is still not showing any signs of life, try the following:

  • Connect and disconnect the charging clip several times
  • If the USB cable was connected to a wall adapter, switch it to a USB port on a PC
  • If available, try a different USB cable

If after these attempts the computer still refuses to charge, it may be necessary to change either the interface clip or the battery. Please refer to your authorized Mares Lab service center.

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