Dive Organizer 2.27 Release
Posted by Gianluca Tedone on 03 December 2020 09:38 AM

What's new?

Improving support for Horizon continues: in this release the SCR alarms are shown with markers in dive chart and, beside it, the computer panel reproduces its evolution, moving the cursor along the profile. This additional info are included in the export formats too, of course.

On the device management side, a little help to firmware updates, when applied manually: now the programmer supports the also some zipped ENC files coming from our site; this enhances your experience on the update process (avoiding to extract the inner ENC inside separately).

Other important changes included in this release:

  • Improvements on exporting functions (mainly CSV).
  • Various fixes on dive info controls.
  • Minor bug fixes.

You can find the full change log here.


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